New textile classes launched!

We are incredibly excited to announce that next month we will be offering two new textile classes!

The first is Indian Block Printing, where you can produce beautiful and professional results using our blocks sourced directly from Indian textile factories. In our drop in class, you will decorate and take home a calico make up bag / pencil case. For group party bookings, we can offer different items to decorate, such as tote bags and t shirts. More details are here.

In our second class, you will hand sew a pretty charm to take home, or attach to your bag and keep at your side. Whether you are a pro or a novice, we offer different selections of charm patterns which are designed to offer an easy introduction, through to a challenge – so there is something to suit any level. You get to choose from a great selection of fabric colours and embellishments, to tailor your sewing piece to your own tastes. For more information about the different classes, look here.

  • Indian Block Printing – Pencil Case
  • Class A
  • Class D
  • Indian Block Printing – Make up case
  • Class B
  • Class C

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