About Us

Makery Mill has stemmed from our shared love of making and learning. It is a place where you can get ideas for gifts, decorations and fun activities and is also a chance to make a social event by unleashing your creativity! Our blog is our creative outlet and will be where you’ll find many of our early ideas and inspiration, as well as some nifty craft tutorials. Classes at our Leamington Spa location will be an opportunity to find out how to make and do yourself, and to learn and practise a new skill. You can come alone, or with friends. And we are open to all suggestions – if you want to see something on the website, just shout, and if you are interested in a class which isn’t listed, tell us – we have a queue of local crafts people waiting in the wings to get involved and share their trade! If you want a bespoke party arranging, let us know and we will help to make it a special and creative occasion.

Leamington Observer article

Becky (left) and Sophie (right)

Becky, a.k.a. Little Miss Cupcakes, is our chef extraordinaire. She has a passion for baking and her creations have been enjoyed at celebrations all around Warwickshire for the last six years. In fact, Sophie’s wedding cake was made entirely by Becky! Giving presentations and running workshops has been so rewarding – her favourite part of the business is teaching and sharing with our Makery Mill visitors.

Sophie is our designer. She is a product designer by day, working with companies and individuals to make their ideas a reality. She spends her free time dancing, baking and getting crafty – her family particularly love her famous Christmas hampers which have included home made lip-balms and sewn phone cases. Sophie has recently travelled around the world – filling her head with dozens of new crafty ideas.

Contact us at: info@makerymill.com