World crafts – henna, India

It wouldn’t be right to write about Indian crafts and not include henna. It is fascinating to watch a henna artist at work. A steady hand is required to use the piping bag, and a big imagination full of complimenting designs is needed to quickly decide what detail is coming next. It is rather like a doodle, but with a deliberate creativity and theme. The dye lasts for a week or so, before it starts to fade, so it is important that the wearer likes it. I was delighted with mine, and would love henna to be a more popular trend here in the UK. It is great for people like me who change their minds too often to risk the permanence of a tattoo!

I’m going to get Becky to have a go at this – her cake piping is so controlled, that I think she would make a perfect candidate for an in-house Makery Mill henna expert. What do you think?

Henna in action

Henna in action

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