World crafts – glass art, Udaipur

In the Red Fort, Jaipur, there is a room in the palace which was covered in concave mosaic mirrors, which would reflect candlelight in the evening and create the illusion of a starry night sky for the princesses. Those skilled at this craft have been sought after ever-since!

I went to visit a workshop where they design make their own glass and mirror art, and I also bought a piece to take home. Just like the stone-inlay work seen elsewhere in India, each piece is cut and filed to a very specific shape. However, instead of being positioned into marble, they are laid on top of wood, and then surrounded by plaster to hold them in place. A finish is then applied to make the artwork suitable for the outdoors (although I’m not sure they would withstand the British weather!) Each piece is unique, and some installations cover whole walls and work in 3D!

Checking the shaped glass to the design template

Checking the shaped glass to the design template

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