DIY tutorial – Valentine’s Sparkly Heart

These hanging decorations are perfect to dot around the home for Valentines, or all year round if you fancy! I’ve popped mine onto our ‘recipe for a happy marriage’ in the kitchen. Let’s see if the hubby notices…


You will need:

Red/ pink fabric – Main heart body

Red / pink felt – Front heart

Silk thread







How to make:

Position the felt heart onto the centre of the main heart body. Pin in place.

Use a running stitch with silk thread to sew the sequins along the edge of the felt heart, joining it to the main heart body layer.

With the two outer faces against each other, sew the main heart bodies together with a backstitch. Sew around all but the top ‘v’ of the heart.

Turn the piece inside out, which will reveal both outer faces.

Stuff the wadding inside. If you want a rounder heart than mine, just add more wadding (I’ve added 2 layers).

Pin the looped ribbon into place at the top

Tuck in the remaining main heart body fabric, and use a running stitch to complete the stitching around the heart – this includes stitching across the ribbon.


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