Paper craft and button picture workshop

This weekend we hosted our first Makery Mill paper craft and button picture class. Our craft workshop attendees learnt the techniques for making intricate paper pinwheels, card ruffle flowers and tissue paper flowers. There was then an opportunity to create either a piece of artwork to frame, or a gift card and box set to take home.

We were glad that learning these new craft skills helped to inspire new making ideas among the class (such as napkin holders, party decorations and christmas tree hangings), and we are very proud of the beautiful results they had on their first attempt with this multi-media style of artwork. It is surprising how many people reckon they’re “not creative”, then put together fantastic colours and have a great eye for detail! Check out some of the students’ work below. We loved the colours used in the bird button picture, and the use of a real twig to bring it to life. The letter button pictures had a great application of colour to reflect the personality of the person who it represented. And the flowers picture was great because it showcased all the techniques our student had learnt during the lesson – integrating flowers made from tissue paper, softened card and even a card and button pinwheel. All in a range of fresh spring colours!

We have more craft workshops like this coming up. As always, we also have our cupcake decorating classes where you can also take your creations home, but have the added pleasure of eating them too! See our workshops page for more details of upcoming dates and the different Makery Mill classes on offer.

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