DIY Tutorial – Valentine’s Button Heart Card

Hi everyone! It’s a little late in the day but if you have just realised you don’t have a Valentine’s card to give your loved one tomorrow morning…do not fret, if you have a few buttons, some glue and card hanging around, we can help you transform them into a pretty, unique card!

DSC_2739You will need:

  • A5 piece of card or similar size
  • Buttons – we used around 35 of varying sizes, but this depends on what size you want the heart to be
  • Strong glue – we used UHU
  • A pencil


Step 1
Fold your piece of card in half. Assemble the glue and buttons and place the newspaper on the table.
Step 2
Arrange the buttons in a heart shape on the card. You may want to draw an outline with a pencil so you have a guide.
Step 3
Rub the pencil outline out if necessary. Start sticking the buttons down. Put a little strong glue on a button and press it down firmly for 30-60 seconds on the desired spot.
Step 4
Continue glueing and adding all the buttons until the heart is complete. Place a heavy book on the heart to ensure all the buttons are secure.

I also made a very quick gift tag using kraft brown card, coloured paper, paper glue and some ribbon. Cut out a gift tag shape from the card, holepunch a single hole in the top and thread through some pretty ribbon. Cut out a heart from some coloured paper and glue it onto the card. Simple as that! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day x


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