Mini DIY tutorial – cut out card


This is just a mini tutorial for those of you who need some last minute Valentines craft inspiration… Laser-cut cards are all the rage at the moment, but how about creating one of your own? The key is in the preparation..

This style of card can be made for any occasion, use contrasting colours to make it more striking!

MM cut out card


cut out card steps copy

You will need:

Cutting mat

A sharp knife

Appropriate paper/card (the thicker it is, the longer it will take)

Pencil and paper



Draw out your graphic making sure that everything touches something else, the more detail and connections you add, the better the card will stay together, but the longer it will take to cut!

Copy the outlines of the graphic across to the card surface.

Carefully take time to cut away the negative space on your design.

Mount onto an inner card.

Give to your loved one! 

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