Easter egg painting

Hurray! Easter is next weekend and we’re changing the clocks to herald the start of Spring! With snow on the ground and freezing temperatures grrr! I’m definitely sick of all this white stuff now and am looking forward to searching in the back of the wardrobe, digging out my flipflops and heading out for evening barbecues and lazy afternoons in the park. Seems like a long way away at the mo but we can at least enjoy some Easter crafting in the meantime while we’re awaiting the sun!

We’ve been perusing Pinterest for some easter egg painting inspiration and have found a couple of simple, really pretty ideas. The first one uses tea bags and food colouring to dye the eggs, then to achieve the speckled effect you grab some brown paint and a toothbrush and dab away. You can click through for the full tutorial.


We love the marbled look of these painted eggs, we were really surprised when we looked at the tutorial and pretty much all you need is olive oil, food colouring and vinegar! You don’t need a fancy kit to blow the eggs – just pierce a small hole in the top and bottom of the egg with a cocktail stick and blow gently through the top hole until the eggy bits all come out.


Happy painting! You’re never too old to enjoy some egg painting we say ;)

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