DIY Chocolate Easter Egg

Whether you’re in the mood for a never-ending chocolate Easter egg, or are super keen and organised and you are already planning next year’s event – re-using your plastic egg packaging is a great way to make unique home-made eggs which are not only cheap, but also beautiful.


Fudge and peanut brittle egg

egg steps copy

You will need:

Egg mould(s)

Your favourite chocolate

Fillings – we experimented with nougat, fudge, peanut brittle, orange and popping candy



Prepare all the fillings

Melt white chocolate in a bowl over simmering water, and drizzle into the mould. At this stage you will achieve a marble effect, leave until the end if you want to make it more prominent.

Scatter the fillings

Melt the milk or dark chocolate. Have a look at this BBC good food article about tempering your chocolate for a really good result:

Fill the mould halves with the melted chocolate. If you are able to, clamp the mould halves together and gently rotate as the chocolate starts to cool, then flip every 5 minutes or so. We had separate halves so we cheated by rotating the moulds and also encouraging the chocolate up the sides with a spoon.

Put in the fridge and allow to fully set.

Take out from fridge and gently remove from the mould. If the halves are separate, use some fresh melted chocolate and a spatula to join the two halves.

Add any additional decorations, then present!

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