Easter Egg Hunt and Painting

Just a week ago we were hunting for chocolate goodies, getting creative with eggs and enjoying roast dinners aplenty! Here’s a few pics from my Easter weekend, as you can see we made some pretty crazy eggs, including a snake emerging from the shell!! Interesting.. We also tried out a few of the painting techniques we looked out in our previous post. The toothbrush dappled effect worked really well with the gold paint, especially against the teal background. We found it difficult to get a strong colour on the eggs with a water/food colouring mix so ended up tipping the liquid food colouring directly onto the eggs! Maybe try stronger paste colours next year..

Hope you all had a good weekend. Just going to tuck into some of my remaining chocolate stash! Oh and check out the eggs hanging on the branch, it makes a really nice centrepiece to your Easter table.

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